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Very Special Wishes

Hello my friend and welcome to Froglan's Very Special Wising Pond. The wishes placed on this pond are not for normal day wishes. Wishes here are for when nothing seems to be working. On the form below, please describe to us just what it is that has created your need to send us this wish. Please be detailed. We will also need more information how we might contact you. We help people around the world but sometimes we are not able to fulfill all wishes but we honestly will do all we can to help your wish come true. We are wishing you the very best and would love to hear from you. In the meantime take care and God Bless.


All at Froglan

Take your time. look out your window in Froglan. Watch the water and clouds. Watch the sunset. Breath deep and relax

make a wish on the pond and the form below if you like.

I will be with you.

Make a Special Wish

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Green Pond Lady

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