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The Pond in Froglan

The Pond at Froglan

Well hello and welcome to the Froglan Pond. I see that

Feathers Truly has taken you here safely..Did you know that was Feathers new bike?

And The Green Pond Lady

green pond lady Froglan Park.jpg

My Name is the green pond lady. Yes, that is my picture. Please do not be startled. I love my color and you should love yours.

I am smiling right now because my real name is Danielle Aletheia Froglan, but for as long as I can remember the tadpoles and small humans have always called me that. A long, long time ago when I began teaching the tadpoles and small humans.. I noticed they were having such a hard time pronouncing and spelling my name. So one day I told them I would like them to pick out a name for me and asked them what they would like my name to be. Everyone in class thought that was a great Idea! At the time, the children could only spell a few words. So we all laughed and played and came up with.. the Green Pond Lady, and I loved it! Most of those children are now great grandparents to my tadpoles and small humans today. So you see, I have been here a very long time.

Many older Frogs, creatures and humans come to my pond to ask questions and hopefully I can give them an answer they want. But I want you to know, I do not always give the answer you just want to hear. Sometimes I need to give you an answer you need to hear. Some may call that wisdom but I call it Love. Our ponds are very special and dreams do come true by wishing upon them. I have many small humans and tadpoles here at the Pond everyday. I still teach everyday lessons  As well as what it means to be a Frogolian. I have 3 very special buttons at the bottom of this page. One of them is for if you just have a question about Froglan, its residents or really anything that's on your mind, ask away! I will answer you if you send in a question. There are two other buttons, as well. One is for wishing upon our pond for smaller wishes and the other is for larger, very special wishes. I understand Froglan is far away by land but this is why we have opened up our world to you.. through this website. our dream is that everyone here on earth will share our values on life. But in the meantime, you can be a Frogolian and resident by accepting Froglan's ABC's and by teaching others the Froglan way. I have so many little tadpoles, small humans and little creatures with me everyday, so know in your heart that if you ask a question, it might take me a little time to get back to you. You can also try reaching me by instant messaging (that bright green box on the lower right side), if I am here, I will answer. the Make A Wish button with the magic wishing flower on the pond is for the smaller everyday wishes. your wish will be given to the wishing pond here at Froglan Park. The other button, with me wishing upon the pond, is for the more serious and larger wishes. something even your mum or Daddy might use.if you have a very special wish, I will personally wish upon the Pond here at frogman park for you. But please remember these are for very special wishes.


With love,

The Green Pond Lady

froglan wishes

Make a Wish

Danielle at the pond Froglan Park

Very Special Wishes

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