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Froglans Little Green Books For Children

All Our Little Green Books will be available on December 1, 2021

You can pre-order on November 1, 2021

Froglan's Little Green Books For Children, are fun and interactive. They are Exceptional children's books For today's World. They are for all ages, young and old. for all Humans and non humans. Big frogs and little frogs. We are all one in froglan. Froglan also teaches us that it is beautiful to be who you are!

So never ever change that wonderful being whom you are! In Froglan you can be or become anyone you desire to be. Even though there are many beautiful colors in skin tone within Froglan, everyone is the same and we love everyone. Here at froglan, We only see one color and that color is beautiful, love, respect and kindness. This is the way the world should be. Loving, kind, giving, listening and helping each other achieve the status of who we wish to become.

our books are sold all over the world. You can also purchase them from right this website. If you decide to become a frogolian and sign up to be a resident of Froglan, residents receive 10% off everything. So be sure to stop by our Village Shop and have a look there too.In the meantime, there are free books and interactions on this site. Welcome home. Enjoy !


Gilbert's New Ride


Yogi For Me


Doug Comes Home

Feathers Truly

Feathers New Bike

oh me oh my.jpg

Oh Me, Oh My

Harley the Painter Froglan Acrylic.jpg


  • Harley Froglan

  • Gilbert

  • Gilbert's New Home

  • Chachi

  • Chachi's Birthday

  • Doug Lost His Shell

  • Feathers Truly

  • Nobel Fries

  • The Green Pond Lady

  • Solitude

  • The Wise Owl

  • Sea Glass

  • Ratchet

  • Mouse and Harley;s Day Trip

  • Watch me say My ABC's

  • Watch me count to Three

  • Oh Chachi

  • The Queens Chocolat

Froglan will give a book away to someone in need for every book purchased from our Village Shop

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