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Froglan, A Beautiful Place To Be

Button Froglan

Froglan is more than just a place. It is a lifestyle. it's a journey and it is magical.

Froglan was not always like this. Nor was it called Froglan. long ago, it was like any other place on earth.It had its share of humans who were not kind nor loving. It had its share of problems where animals and humans did not get along so well. believe it or not, humans used to eat all the animals, burn the forest down and would leave trash all over the beautiful beaches. they really only thought of one thing... Themselves!

But many many years ago Harley Froglan's great grandparents, Russell Froglan and Harley Crown, set out on an adventure to find a new land and a place to call home.

In a land far far away, these two curious humans knew that one day they would find a land where there could be peace and and balance. where respect and value meant the same thing to everyone. It was not an easy journey for Russell and Harley! As a matter of fact, it proved to be a difficult and long journey. until one day when both Harley and Russell came upon an old wise frog. They could tell this was not just any old frog by the way he sat on his porch, just rocking in his chair. "hello my friends," the old wise frog says to Harley and Russell.

"hello," Russell responds. The old wise frog then hopped up and said "Please, come in and have some chocolate and tea." Russell and Harley both smiled. they were so very tired. then taking in that moment they wondered...where were they? it was a new land. The wise old frog said, "i can see you are tired and that you have journeyed far. Has your purpose in life been to find your purpose?" "please sit down and rest, i will light the fire so you can get warm." Shortly after, Harley looked to Russell and said, "we are finally home!" the wise old frog gathered some blankets for the two weary travelers. he gave them a smile, said sleep well and leaped out the door.the next morning Harley and Russel gathered their belongings and walked outside where they saw the wise frog sitting in his rocker. Russell and Harley had thought about the question he asked them the night before so when they saw the old wise frog they both exclaimed "yes!" and the wise old frog said good, then you have found your purpose. and your purpose is here. "what is your name, traveler?," the frog asked. my name is Russell froglan and this is Harley crown. the wise old frog said, "my name is Phillip, i am the guardian of this land and the protector of all whom come in it." Russell had a tear running down the side of his face and Harley reached out for his hand to comfort him. Russell then said, "all my life... all our lives.. we have hoped to find love and harmony, mutual respect, A place where everyone large and small got along. where there were no egos and no bullies. where you could be anything or anybody you thought you should be, without any fear. a place where everyone looked out for everyone and no one was better or more important then anyone else." Phillip got up out of his rocker and looked to Harley and Russell and said, "Welcome home. in time this Place will serve you well. if you wish to see the truth, hold no opinions. please my friends, set your bags down and walk with me." they began their walk down the cobblestone road towards a small village. The closer they got to the village the more fragrant the air would become with something so sweet.. the smell was just beautiful. Harley asked what they were smelling and the wise old frog, PHILLIP, smiled aND Said, "chocolat." They reached the village and began looking around. on the porch next to them, there is a fox with an apron on and she is stirring something in a big black kettle. "Hello friends!" she yells to us. "Sir Phillip, i have not seen you all morning. please come into my home and bring your friends, I have some chocolat." it was like this... all day! everyone was so friendly and loving. that night everyone in the village got together and held a town meeting. Harley and Russel were resting at Phillip's little home. Harley asked, "do you hear all that noise? what is that?" when they went out to the porch they saw the frogs, dogs, foxes, chickens, owls and everything in between walking towards them. what could this be? they thought. everyone in town had talked to Harley, Russel and Phillip today. were they upset with us? When all of them arrived, the wise old frog and mother fox took Harley and Russell's hands and asked, "please come with us." they walked for some time.. with everyone behind them. they began walking up a hill on the cobblestone road and saw a beautiful castle.Mother fox said, "townspeople friends and family, sir Phillip has a declaration to make. Harley, Russell, please take my hand." as they turned towards everyone..

Sir Phillip says aloud, "Harley crown, this is your new home and you will be known as queen Harley. Russell froglan, this land will be known as froglan and its inhabitants will be in your care. your purpose in life has both been answered and has just begun. We have been waiting for you. Harley, because of your courage in life your dreams are now right in front of you. Everyone in froglan, please welcome your neighbors."

What a beautiful beginning. this was the start of how Froglan came to be!

If you wish to read the full story of Froglan to your tadpoles, small humans or just for yourself...

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Love, Peace & Respect

Harley Froglan

Hi I'm Button. I will read you a story

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