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Froglan Art Gallery

Hi Frogolians! Do you want to have some fun? Draw or paint a picture, anything you want and then send it to me. I will hang it in our Art Gallery. You could even win a prize! Every month Queen Froglan picks out her favorites for that month and then we send out the prizes. You have a chance to win!!!

I will be looking for your art work. -with love and peace, Harley

If you or your tadpoles need a few art supplies, please let us know.

We are here to help

HA, HA! Me, Gilbert, CatNip, Feathers, Mouse and Chachi had a blast! Each one of us sat around and painted Whatever LOL. Paint anything and send it, Just don't give Chachi more chocolate! LOL! And Welcome to the art gallery Two Toes Froglan and Ratchet Short Pockets Froglan!

Zebra Pattern Painting

Harley The Painter Froglan

Kids' Paintings

Sure "Jenny Two Toes" All of these will work

Yellow Abstract Painting

Chachi Con Chocolate Froglan

Splatter Painting
Gilbert Van Gogh Froglan.jpg

Gilbert Van Gogh Froglan

Feathers chicken foot splatter Froglan

Kid Jump

Sure Ratchet! A photo of you works! Especially acting like Mouse the ratchet Racoon LOL

Mouse the Fox Froglan! LOL Must be a self portrait,

you think? LOLOLOL

Elephant Painting

Samantha Lightfoot Froglan came by Froglan Park

Picnic grounds to paint us this! Thanks Samantha

Catnip that's pretty good!

Send your art and photos to:

and why? Because it's Froggie Baby!


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